The Granny Collection: Halmoni

Halmoni comes in 5 colors. See all the Halmoni Rugs here

In our final installment of our Granny Collection rug series, we're highlighting the Halmoni rugs. The design and colors for this group were inspired by Michelle's grandmother who she recently visited in Seoul.

While Halmoni literally means "grandmother" in Korean, that was her nickname in my mind. I grew up in Georgia where grandmas were often called "mawmaw" or "granny."

Having fled North Korea during the war, Halmoni was a strong proponent of "Use it up. Wear it out." She never sat still for long — always moving around — sewing up the holes in my jeans (including the ones that were purchased pre-distressed), gardening, or cooking.

In a typically Korean fashion, the whole house was filled with strong smells like garlic, spices, and the faint scent of something fermented. Our dinners consisted of homemade mandu, kimchi and gimbap, alongside the traditional American fare of pork chops, green beans and mashed potatoes.

A shot of lots of banchanfrom Sunny's IG account (photo by Evan Sung)

To experience your own Halmoni approved gimbap or banchan box in NYC — follow @banchanbysunny on IG for her next pop-up location. Just like Halmoni's food, Sunny's banchan is delicious, comforting, and made with love.


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