The Granny Collection: Vovo

Vovo comes in 5 colors, with the green version (in back) named after Soraya's vovo Granny B. See all the Vovo Rugs here

Last Friday, we introduced our new collection of rugs that was inspired by the memories of our Temple Studio team's grandmothers. In our next installment, we're highlighting the Vovo rugs and Soraya's own Vovo, who they called Granny B.

Granny B, known to us Brazilian grand kids as Vovó, was from Grenada. She would often show up with a tiny suitcase to visit us “for a week” which usually meant 1-3 months.

She was the most fun and also the most terrible cook, she would often conveniently be sleeping when dinner was being made but wake up as soon as it was ready.

I loved everything she did because she was so wild. Her signature recipe was for guava jelly. My mother still gets nauseous if she smells guava thanks to her making it so frequently throughout the years. I don't know if she ever actually followed a recipe but it would always end up with the consistency of glue and would destroy any bread you'd try to spread it on but I loved it, because Vovó made it.

Here's some actually good guava jam


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