A Beautiful Oops

Years ago, while sitting at our dining (AKA crafting) table with my sons, the three of us had the most wonderful artistic revelation. My older son was just five at the time and he was on the verge of throwing a full on breakdown. His little voice was muttering "I messed up" but the mutter was steadily growing into a dragon voice and the tears had begun to trickle. I had just picked up a book by Barney Saltzberg called Beautiful Oops. It was on our shelf, and I quickly ran for it in hopes that it would work some magic and aid us in evading a breakdown. Magic, it worked indeed! We all sat around the table and watched as our "mess ups" evolved into art that made us proud. Seeing my son's face go from dismay to ecstatic pride gave me such joy.

Like my son years ago, I too can often get stuck in a rut of overthinking things. A few months back I was stumped on colors for a few rug designs that I wanted to introduce for spring. I then remembered how the daughter of one of our client's, Jennifer Hunter, loved to collect her mom's rug samples and make her own patchwork designs by organizing them in patterns on her bedroom floor. Nothing about her method was serious or overthought, it was pure fun! So I reached out to Jennifer to see if her girls would be interested in having a little fun with me and our pom box, by choosing a few custom colors for a spring refresh and maybe even making some beautiful oops along the way. Below is a look at our rug merrymaking. Hope it inspires many beautiful oops on your creative journeys!



This is how our pom party started! Hadley examining all the hundreds of options — you can see how it could be a bit overwhelming.


Our Ticking Stripe rug samples seen here with a color refresh in Watermelon, Sweet Grapes and Blueberry Muffin.


Another look at Hadley and Elle getting more comfortable with the endless color combinations. 


The Hadley rug samples seen here in Denim, Raspberry, Citrone, and Coral.


Hadley ventures into a deeper red tray, because why not?!


Our Soumak Square rug samples in Peony, Lilypad, and Bluebell.


Hadley getting creative at home with all of the samples.


The Elle rug samples seen here in Coral/Guava, Sky/Grass, and Cobalt/Ivory.





Check out new colorways of Ticking Stripe and Soumak Border, along with colorful new designs Hadley and Elle in our Spring Rug Refresh collection.


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