Housed in a historic 1907 Chicago School skyscraper at Broadway and 12th Street in New York City, the multi-use showroom was designed by designer/artist Doug Meyer.

In addition to displaying an ever changing selection of textiles, rugs and wallpaper, the studio also has a salon exhibition space and a textile loom for custom projects.

TEMPLE STUDIO's own handwoven textile designer, Soraya Shah, recently took weaving to our showroom walls. Soraya's Bingo Weaving Draft mural is made entirely of bingo cards and dabbers. The art of weaving is very mathematical, but at the end of the day it's still like everything else in life—a complete game of chance. Soraya's mural demonstrates how even the most well thought out elements of design can take on a life of their own during the creation process. One of the most interesting and rewarding components of this process is observing how we, as artists, respond to these unexpected factors of chance.