About Us

A conceptual textile, rug and wallcovering showroom, TEMPLE STUDIO represents select textile designers and artists as well as our own collections.

Our creative space is here to be explored as we encourage our design community to step outside of the typical patterns and norms that can become habitual. Within our studio we spotlight this creative growth through artist installations, group activities, workshops, and open panel discussions.

Our Process

We strive to cultivate a community of artists who encourage and support each other while working towards a common goal of inspiring creativity in our clients through design.

Our rugs are made by mill partners in India, China, Mexico, The Philippines, and Nepal. These partners are small-scale production facilities who support fair wages for their workers and healthy working conditions. A custom rug can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 1 year to create, constant communication and appreciation is the key to our successful partnerships.

The Team

At TEMPLE, we are enthusiastic learners. We believe that good design is capable of being even better when created in a thoughtful and considerate work environment.


Kate Temple Reynolds

Kate envisions the studio and showroom in a new way: an art gallery for the over 20 fabric, wallpaper, and rug designers and artists that TEMPLE STUDIO represents. Previous to opening the studio, Kate was a co-founder of Studio Four. Kate is inspired and energized by TEMPLE STUDIO's community of creators, and to her, good design is a group effort.

Amarlies Gonzalez

Amarlies brings business and operations acumen to bolster the creative vision of TEMPLE STUDIO. Amarlies has worked behind the scenes in the financial and operational sides of showroom and design businesses for over 10 years. Amarlies never sees obstacles as challenges, but instead as opportunities.

We are a small team of designers, makers, listeners, thinkers, and friends. A primary focus at TEMPLE is to take the intimidation out of the custom design process by beginning each project with a clear understanding and appreciation of our clients' needs. Respect for each other is a fundamental value in our showroom. Our favorite words are innovation and efficiency, but we also keep joy and fun in mind throughout our days, because design should be just that—joyful and fun.

Our team is growing. If you're interested in joining us, take a look at our current job opportunities on our Careers page.

Our Showroom

Housed in a historic 1907 Chicago School skyscraper at Broadway and 12th Street in New York City, the multi-use showroom was designed by designer/artist Doug Meyer.

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