A conceptual textile, rug and wall covering showroom, TEMPLE STUDIO represents select textile designers and artists.

The studio is also a gallery and salon space, and houses a textile loom for custom upholstery textiles created by handwoven textile designer, Soraya Shah.


Kate Temple Reynolds

Kate envisions the studio and showroom in a new way: an art gallery for the over 20 fabric, wallpaper, and rug designers and artists that TEMPLE STUDIO represents. Previous to opening the studio, Kate was a co-founder of Studio Four. Kate is inspired and energized by TEMPLE STUDIO's community of creators, and to her, good design is a group effort.

Amarlies Gonzalez

Amarlies brings business and operations acumen to bolster the creative vision of TEMPLE STUDIO. Amarlies has worked behind the scenes in the financial and operational sides of showroom and design businesses for over 10 years. Amarlies never sees obstacles as challenges, but instead as opportunities.


Catt Cropper

Catt is TEMPLE STUDIO's go-to person for Wallpaper and Fabrics.

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Soraya Shah

Soraya, a handwoven textile designer, creates TEMPLE STUDIO's collection of Handwoven fabrics at the in-studio loom.

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Michelle Wilson

As TEMPLE STUDIO's representative for rugs, Michelle helps create and customize handmade pieces.

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