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Abnormal Anonymous' Summer Breeze Wild Blue Yonder Wallpaper

I find that in those final days of February my mind often starts to wander to upcoming summer getaways. Maybe it's just me giving myself a reward for all the sloshing and stomping through NYC's mounds of melting snow, but this late February wanderlust seems to settle in like clockwork every year. This year our pals at Abnormals Anonymous ushered in my daydreaming a bit early with their newest collection of wallpapers, Cabin Fever

Coincidentally, I already had a little post-it on my desk with scribbles of lake house adventures I wanted to research for family getaways. So here's a quick round up of an incredibly joyful collection of new wallpapers paired with some of our country's most iconic lake house getaways. Happy summertime daydreaming friends!




 Abnormal Anonymous' Sawtooth Valley Subalpine wallpaper evokes Basin Harbor, set along the shores of Lake Champlain.

Basin Harbor meets Sawtooth Valley

Basin Harbor is one of those magical places that keeps guests coming back for generations. My grandparents started visiting in the early 80's and we will be returning again this summer. Tucked along the shores of Lake Champlain are charming cottages just waiting for you to kick your feet up and embrace that summer kid feeling again. Basin Harbor is made up of 74 unique cottages and has been lovingly run by the same family since 1886. Maybe one day they will do a cottage refresh with some Cabin Fever papers, because I happen to think that Sawtooth Valley Subalpine Wallpaper would fit in quite well with this cozy lakeside vibe!



The Come Fly With Me grasscloth wallpaper's fly fishing pattern would fit in well at Alaska's Tordrillo Mountain Lodge.

Come Fly With Me at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

The pandemic had many of us testing out new hobbies. Bread flour was sold out across the country thanks to all the enthusiastic new bakers, while some of us took to crafting of all kinds. My family spent a lot of time in Litchfield County, CT and we decided to give a go at fly fishing. By "give a go", I really mean we stand in the river and throw a line around while often not reeling anything in, but it is fun nonetheless! Alaska's Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and exploring Judd Lake is on my dream list for summer vacations for sure! Pairing it above with the new Come Fly With Me grasscloth wallpaper in Riffle, because maybe this will boost my luck of actually reeling something in when I visit. 


The Summer Breeze wallpaper in Wild Blue Yonder calls to mind the variety of water activities possible at Lake Kora.

Summer Breeze on Lake Kora

Nestled up in the Blue Mountains of New York's Adirondack Park, Lake Kora was once a playground for American aristocrats. It is now open to the public and its three pristine lakes are there to accommodate all the water activities you could imagine. Last year, my 41-year-old self decided to impress my kids by slaloming. Let's just say I rediscovered muscles that I thought had gone into permanent hibernation. If I am lucky enough to find myself on the waters of Lake Kora, I think I'll stick to an early morning canoe paddle. Seen above with the majestic waters of Lake Kora is Summer Breeze wallpaper in Wild Blue Yonder.


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