In the Studio with Marika Meyer Textiles

In addition to designing textiles collections, Marika Meyer has over 15 years of experience as an interior designer.

I met Marika Meyer, a Washington, DC-based interior designer, about 3 years ago when she was finishing up the first stages of her linen textile collection. I was particularly drawn to Marika's small scale patterns and the simplicity of her custom color program. Marika has one of those fascinating brains that seems to seamlessly toggle back and forth between the creative and the analytical, so naturally she figured out the easiest custom color program I've ever seen! I took some time to chat with Marika recently about how she starts her interiors projects and what objects she uses to add extra bits of color into her work. Hope you enjoy and that your custom color creations soon become a reality because Marika is always excited to see what you have in the works!


Above: a bedroom designed by Marika. Below: a selection of Marika's fabrics, including (from left to right) Beatrix, Finn, Elliot, and Matilda.

You launched your collection of textiles a few years ago, but for over 15 years now you have been working as an interior designer. Can you tell us a little about how you start designing a room and at what stage of the design process do you bring in the fabrics for color and pattern?

I always start with fabric before anything else. It sets the mood and atmosphere. It's what I find personally most inspiring, and it's why I decided to launch a fabric collection. I also find that our passion for fabric is contagious and spills over to our clients. When we're presenting a design or scheme, it is always the textiles that clients gravitate towards first. I think it's because they can actually hold the fabric samples and immediately get a sense for the feel of the space. It instantaneously conveys the tone of the room we are trying to create!

One of the most designer friendly components to your collection of textiles is the simplicity of your custom color process. As an interior designer, are there any shades that you gravitate towards but you don't find as often as you'd like in textile collections?

The beauty of designing a textile collection with an easy custom process is that I can create any color that I can't find! In fact, when I'm on the hunt for a color, I immediately think – is this a color we need to develop? It's actually how we decided to launch our black and white capsule collection. I was working in a very graphic monochromatic palette and I couldn't find black and white fabric that spoke to my aesthetic. So, our capsule collection was born! I do hope designers will think about using custom as a tool for creating those hard to find colors. I'm always cognizant of the time spent sourcing textiles for our clients. Why look for a needle in a haystack when you can just pick it out of paint deck?

Though many of Marika Meyer's prints and patterns are often full of color, her designs are also available in black, white and natural colorways.  

A selection of custom colors from some of our favorite Marika Meyer pattern (clockwise from top left): custom San Michele; custom Tree of Life; custom Charlotte; custom Matilda.

What is your favorite way to add color in your interior design projects? Obviously fabrics are an easy answer, but do you also like to use vibrant colors for lighting and other objects in the room? Do you have any go to resources for this sort of item?

I love colorful accessories, especially vintage pieces like Murano glass bowls or mid-century drip lamps. I pick them up anywhere I can find them so they are all over my home! 1st Dibs and Chairish are amazing sources, and I love some local DC spots like Miss Pixies for rare finds. I also love working with bespoke linens, whether it be in a bedroom or for tabletop. They add so much interest and color. And, finally, I would have to say rugs! We're thrilled to be able to offer custom rugs in our designs. I'm sure you share my love of a beautiful custom color hand-woven rug! It's such a great way to ground a space and can be the perfect backdrop if you're working with other neutral pieces.

This living space, designed by Marika, is filled with colorful objects and unique vintage finds.

I adore the simplicity and sweetness of your Beatrix fabric. I know it's a difficult question, but do you have a favorite design from your collection that you find yourself incorporating into schemes more than others?

It is a tough question, but I cannot deny that Lilian just feels so right to me. It’s like me in a nutshell. It has a hand-made, hand-blocked feel, but is so classic in its imagery. In fact, I just recently added Lilian drapery to my own living room. I am also excited about launching the Tree of Life earlier this year though. It’s an iconic design that I have always loved so it was really a special opportunity for me to create my own version of it. We find ourselves using it more and more in client presentations, and it always seems to resonate with people. There's nothing more gratifying for me than that! 

Top: The Beatrix floral print was inspired by the beloved children's author and illustrator, Beatrix Potter. Bottom: A room designed by Marika, with her Lillian print making a statement-making moment on the roman shades.

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