Kicking off the fall season with Salvesen Graham, House of Harris, and Nichola Taylorson

All photos by Hatnim Lee

Fall has arrived and is in full swing here in the showroom! We have recently added three new collections to the studio that I have had the best time styling our walls and gallery space with: House of Harris, Salvesen Graham The Collection, and Nichola Taylorson Textiles. Each of these collections brings a unique touch to our textile and wallpaper offering, whether it’s through a dramatic mural design, classic detailed embroidery with a playful spin on color, or wild and rambling florals that spark pure joy. I invite you to dive into these collections, and I hope it’s as much of a fall treat for your design scheming as it was for my own creative process.

Below we are sharing a few pictures from last week’s celebration with these designers and friends. And of course we invited our dear pal, Lanie Belmont of Lahnay Foods, back to blow us away with her always gorgeous and delicious catering. I am embarrassed to admit my dinner consisted of a plate full of Salvesen and Graham gingham petit fours, but I relished every bite!



Kate with Mary and Nicole of Salvesen Graham and Charlotte and Liz from House of Harris.





Caterer Lanie Belmont of @lahnayfoods created delicious on-theme treats.

Painted Plaid Petit Fours to pair with Salvesen Graham's Little Check + Great Check fabric.

Taylorson Tartlets to mimic block print motifs of Nichola Taylorson's fabrics.

Ida Stripe Squares to mimic Nichola Taylorson's Ida Stripe fabric.


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