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Designer: Nels Crosthwaite Eyre; @nels_eyreinteriors
Photographer: Katrina Lawson Johnston; @katrinalawsonjohnston

There's something so captivating about the iconic Lake August pattern, Nasturtium.

In celebration of the new Nasturtium colorways, Pacifica and Tamarind, we wanted to share some of the different ways that Nasturtium has been used by designers across projects over the years. We also got to chat with Alexis Hartman, the designer behind Lake August, and asked her all about the history of this wonderfully meditative pattern.

TEMPLE STUDIO: Where did the idea for this pattern come from? What was the inspiration?
ALEXIS HARTMAN: Though it's not native to the area, nasturtium grows everywhere in Southern California. I grew up seeing it all over Los Angeles - in sidewalk gardens and even abandoned lots. It often grows alongside cacti and succulents, which is why I paired it with agave in our Agave Americana pattern. The designer Peter Dunham suggested that I design a version with nasturtium on its own, and so a new pattern was born.

Designer: Peter Dunham; @peterdunhamdesign
Photographer: Sam Frost Studio; @samfroststudio

Designer: Amanda Louise Interiors; @amandalouiseinteriors
Photographer: Emily Bolt Photography; @_emilybolt

TEMPLE STUDIO: It has such a cult following, did you have any clue this would be the case when you were designing it?
ALEXIS HARTMAN: Not at all, and it was slow to catch on. I think it sold less than 10 yards in 2016, the year that it launched.

Designer: Kate Collins Interiors; @katecollinsinteriors
Photographer: Kate Collins

LEFT: Designer + Styling: Noelle Ebright; @ebrightdesign
Photographer: Madeline Tolle; @madelinetolle
RIGHT: Designer: Lia Cramer Design Ltd; @liacramer
Photographer: Lia Cramer

TEMPLE STUDIO: How do you pick your colors and your color combinations? They're so appealing and dreamy and can really change the vibe of the pattern.
ALEXIS HARTMAN: Thank you! Color is my absolute favorite part of the design process. It feels instinctual, and very fun to see a pattern evoke a completely different mood depending on the colors used.

Designer: Cate Barlow; @textileandtwig
Photographer: Lean Timms; @leantimms
Image featured in GALAH;

TEMPLE STUDIO: What is the story behind the new colorways added to the Nasturtium collection?
ALEXIS HARTMAN: The two new colorways are on the opposite ends of that mood spectrum. With Pacifica, I was interested in something very tonal and soothing to the eyes. With Tamarind, I wanted to create something more dramatic, with a flower the color of a plum or violet.

TEMPLE STUDIO: Thank you, Alexis! Shop all Nasturtium fabric and wallpaper samples here!

Designer: Hendricks Churchill; @hendrickschurchill
Photographer: Chris Mottalini; @chrismottalini

Designer: Sara Wynne Billingsley; @thedutchdoor
Photographer: Sara Wynne Billingsley

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