On Exhibit: Brook Perdigon

Upon walking in our 12th Street studio, you will immediately find yourself in a salon space where we exhibit installations from our community of artisans. I love this part of our showroom because the installations are always pushing boundaries and reminding me to look outside of what can easily become my creative comfort zone.

We recently worked with textile artist, Brook Perdigon, to install the real life inspiration for herIMPRESSIONS collection. Brook grew up in Florida and our current exhibit takes you into the world of her grandmother's 1970's living room. The framed art on the wall is a mixture of Brook's childhood paintings as well as the modern adaptations that have since come to life in fabric form. Past, present, and future collide in Brook's Impressions Collection, and we hope that you feel that same energy in this exhibit.



Tropics Seagrass

Inspired by a box of Brook’s childhood paintings of her mother’s pansy garden, Tropics is an evocative floral. Like memories resurfacing and finding their way back, the pattern is layered with depth and bright contrast. We used this fabric to upholster the seat cushions of our oversized rattan chairs.


Hillside Garnet

The starting point for this pattern was a vintage curtain print from Brook’s grandparents’ home. Her interpretation reworks the 1980s design through an abstract lens. Small hand-painted leaves form clusters and graphic strands to conjure up a pattern of climbing vines. Hillside is inspired by Brook’s grandmother and sister, who are both named Ivy, and is seen in the exhibit as throw pillows.


Bloom Citrine

Bloom is a series of moments in time. Each one a slight repetition. Each one a new beginning. Brook developed this close pattern based on a beautifully preserved fossil print of lotus seed pods dating back several millennia. Bloom is hand-painted with alternating concentric circles and interlocking leaves in dark and light shades. It is also seen here as throw pillows.


Rugs to Bring It All Together

We chose a hand woven abaca rug to tie together the varying colors and patterns of this space. Abaca is a natural fiber choice for a Florida living space and it adds a nice element of textural warmth to your floors. The repeat on this rug is a large grid of circles and diamonds that are both playful and sophisticated at the same time. We have also added a few more of our favorite natural fiber rug styles to a collection for you to shop.


Shop Brook Perdigon: Impressions Collection.

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