On Exhibit: Serena Dugan

Believe or not this mural was painted by Serena over the course of just 2 days. Here's a peek at the process.

Serena Dugan has given our studio's gallery wall a fresh look for summer. We are excited to introduce Jaipur, a mural painted by Serena, which also offers a close up view of the Khiva design from her newly launched collection of block printed textiles. It's enchanting to observe the intersection of art, craft, and textiles in Serena's work. We love using this space in our studio to allow artists to explore creative areas outside of their normal element, and it was such a joy to see Serena take things to a grander scale. 
















Photo credit: @robertdiversherrick

Below is a look at some of our favorites from Serena's new collection of block printed textiles. If you are as much of a sucker for the hand detail in block printed textiles as I am, then this is the collection for you — not to mention the incredible colors!!


Photo credit: @robertdiversherrick

Sumba draws inspiration from traditional Balinese matchstick shades, wanting to be linear, but always appearing slightly imperfect. It is seen here in the Mulberry color option. 


Photo credit: @robertdiversherrick

Tigre was designed as a stripe that could be more than a stripe. The irregularity of each line and mark creates movement and brings an otherwise predictable stripe into more vibrant and interesting territory. It is seen here in the Copper/Sky color option. 


Photo credit: @robertdiversherrick

Nara is inspired by Japanese woodblock prints and is seen here in the Hydrangea color option. 


Photo credit: @robertdiversherrick

Olga is what Serena describes as her "animated polka dot" and is seen here in the Marigold color option (my personal fave).




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