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The Lawns Co. is a special project based platform by Jess Murphy, founder of the design collective The Lawns. Here at Temple, we represent their wallpaper collection and I'd like to share a behind the scenes look at one of our very favorites: Prospect Park Mural. It's full of life, joy, and conveniently reminds me of the little bits of humor that pop into our days in just the right way. When Jess first shared this design with me and asked for feedback, I doubt I was much help because all I could do was drift from one adorable detail to the next!

Two famous illustrators have had a huge influence on Jess. Prospect Park is an homage to Ludwig Bemelmans and Maira Kalman, both of whom have a magical gift of showing animal and human interaction in their work. Jess, like many, was an early admirer of Mr. Bemelmans through his Madeline series. I think she perfectly describes his pages as being “so alive that each scene felt like a treasure hunt.” She didn't become familiar with Kalman's work until high school, but was immediately enamored by her use of color and gestural expression (especially in the dogs!). Jess says this of Kalman's dogs: “Max made me want to go to Paris, and Pete made me hungry... but it all made me want to keep drawing.”

Jess' own Prospect Park mural is a celebration of these inspiring artists. Kalman and Bemelmans remind Jess that you can be swept off your feet by books and illustrations at any age. Hope you enjoy this look behind the making of a pattern that we adore!


Bemelmans' Genevieve, the adored stray pup who saves Madeline when she falls into the Seine. Madeline and the girls then constantly compete for time with Genevieve but lucky for them their new pup soon delivers eleven of her own pups to keep them all very busy.

One of many Bemelmans illustrations that features animal-human interaction.

A favorite illustration from when Madeline and her crew visit Pepito in London.

Maira Kalman painting a mural, and catching so much expressive detail in both her human and animal subjects.

Maira Kalman’s Self-Portrait (with Pete), 2004-5.

Jess and I share a love for this Maira Kalman New Yorker cover from February 1999.

A look at the early stages of the mural's design when Jess took to the floor with some of my favorite art supplies: craft paper, chalk and charcoal.

The strike off approval process, making sure the side matches and layout all work.

The finished Prospect Park mural installed in a playroom designed by Julieta Alvarez Interiors.


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