Traveling with Natasha Baradaran

I often look for inspiration through those around me, and I am lucky to be surrounded by some pretty incredible humans. One of whom is my friend Natasha Baradaran. She is a mother, wife, designer, creator, entrepreneur, explorer, friend, and most recently a breast cancer survivor. Over the past year, Natasha has endured countless doctor visits, two operations, and six rounds of chemotherapy. She persevered by embracing her creative process as a tool to get her through the difficult times. I loved following along via IG on Natasha's recent celebratory trip through Europe, and it made me smile to see her living life with such passion. Cheers to Natasha for reminding us all that life is here to be enjoyed every single day!


Natasha soaking in the sun in Provence.

When you are planning a trip to get away with family and loved ones, what are the elements that are most important to you?

For me it is always about the right mix of R&R, Culture and Cuisine. My husband is a major Foodie and I always enjoy relaxation, especially given how fast paced my life in LA is. I find that travel always inspires me personally and in my work when I am exposed to other cultures. In Provence, I couldn’t get enough from the amazing art collection nestled in the vineyard of Chateau La Coste, and at the same time we had a great time in the spa and appreciating the lavendar fields. Plus, eating at Argentinian chef, Francis Malmann’s restaurant was a highlight, too.

"Whatever you do – for work or pleasure – do it with passion! Live with passion..." —Christian Dior

For many this summer marks a time of getting to explore our wanderlust and be adventurous again. Do you find inspiration for your collection of textiles in your travels? The colors in this photo particularly remind me of all your gorgeous new Vera and Maman fabrics.

I’m attracted to certain colors and palettes, and I find them mostly when I am traveling. This was my first visit to Dior Galerie, and I loved seeing all the shades or citrine, marigold and pinks in the works. These are colors that I naturally gravitate to and love to incorporate in my own collection, as you will find in the palette for my new Vera Velvet debut for Spring/ Summer. Sometimes my inspirations can come from fashion or museum visits, and other times I feel color schemes that derive from nature.

Views from La Fontelina in Capri

This is my dream vacation. Is it every bit as incredible as I imagine in my mind?

Absolutely! It is one of my happy places. Many know that this year was a difficult time for me health wise, since I was battling breast cancer. What got me through my treatments was the thought of returning to Fontelina. The family who runs the beach club have become friends, the blue and white vibe of the beach club is magical, and there is no better lunch in all of Capri. Can’t wait for next summer!

A few favorites from Natasha's latest collection. From left to right: Vera fabric in Dusty Rose, Grazia fabric in Aquamarine, Maman fabric in Ivory, Vera fabric in Hamsa, Maman fabric in Saffron.

These new fabrics are all so rich in texture and you have included just the dose of happy color that I found myself yearning for after the past 2 years. I know you are working on some big new things ahead. Will you tell us a bit more about what collections are next in line?

From the start, color has been very prevalent in what we introduce. But this coming fall, our focus will be more about materiality and texture as I introduce vegan leathers. We have a capsule collection of Cactus Leather, which is embossed and tipped in our color palette. The texture and feel is like no other material for interiors that I have seen, which makes me very excited! It’s increasingly important for our textile collection to address environmental concerns, and through our cactus leather offering we are taking steps to produce sustainable, conscious work. Our cactus offering is less about faux leather, and more about introducing materiality alternatives and exploring the new definition of luxury design today.


See Natasha's collection.

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