Caravan Agave Fabric

Brook Perdigon

Caravan Agave Fabric

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  • Material

    Flax Linen

  • Width


  • Repeat

    10.4"H x 10.4"W

  • Lead time

    If not in stock, lead time is 5-7 weeks

  • Minimum order

    3 yards

  • Origin


  • How it’s sold

    By the yard

  • Additional Notes

  • Dry clean only.
Brook Perdigon

About the Designer

Brook Perdigon

Brook Perdigon brings new perspectives to classic patterns, she collects vintage textiles and paints abstract images suggestive of landscapes and patterns. At her LA-based studio, Brook, a designer and visual artist by training, and her team paint sketches, hand-carve blocks or hand-cut stencils before transforming each pattern into an original fabric design.