1 RUG 3 WAYS - Celebrating the Fourth in (Design) Style!

Beatrice Plaid in Light Blue Red and Cream, Wool, Custom Handmade in India

Today we are thrilled to deliver our very first "1 RUG 3 WAYS" newsletter into your inbox. I love a design product with versatility! I grew up in a home that was in a constant state of what I called "interior evolution." My 1980's bedroom was also the creative playground where my interior designer mom liked to test out her ideas. It was always exciting for me to see how one minor change brought a whole new element of style to the space.

I have had this red, white and blue plaid rug sitting in my scheming pile for quite some time now. So our talented creative team put it to work and came up with a few patriotic pattern mixes in celebration of the good ol' US of A's birthday.

Hope everyone has a smashing 4th of July holiday!



Plenty of Playful Patterns

Top row, left to right
The Lawns, Lola Haze Fabric
Salvesen Graham, Zig Zag Stripe Border Midnight Wallpaper
Studio Atkinson, Dipley Red Wallpaper
Nichola Taylorson, Dabu Stripe Rust Fabric

Bottom row, left to right
Alice Sergeant, Najwa French Blue Wallpaper
Walter G, Marbella Azure Fabric
Helene Blanche, Moire Stripe Scarlet Fabric


Rustic Reds and Cozy Motifs

Top row, left to right
Ottoline, Atomic Trellis Burgundy Fabric
Lake August, Little Leaves Glory Fabric
Brook Perdigon, Indos Etruscan Fabric

Bottom row, left to right
Kufri, Taza Stripe Cornflower Fabric
Serena Dugan, Jacinto Ginger Wallpaper


Rustic Reds and Cozy Motifs

Top row, left to right
Studio Atkinson, Traditional Ticking Red Fabric
Brook Perdigon, Path Robin's Egg Blue Wallpaper

Bottom row, left to right
Lake August, Half Moon Deep Water Fabric
Kufri, Catalina Solid Clay Fabric
Natasha Baradaran, Terra Hamsa Fabric


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