Introducing the Point Lobos Collection

Last spring my family and I road tripped from Northern California to Los Angeles. Planning family trips can often become stressful as we try to jam pack them with too many scheduled activities and obsess over getting the absolute most from every minute of the time away. Instead, for this trip we focused on planning nothing and exploring everything! It was kind of like we had one big "Yes Day" on Highway 1.

California is a magical state with plentiful national parks to visit. We dipped our toes in the cold Pacific waters off Bolinas Beach and hiked among the mighty giants of Muir Woods. For years now, a good friend of mine has been telling me to visit Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, and I could have spent weeks there, wandering the trails and observing all of the tidal pool ecosystems.

We camped among the Redwoods in Big Sur where my basketball-obsessed sons got to finish their day hooping with new pals under one of nature's most extraordinary canopies.

Before reentry into city life in LA, we embarked on one last nature adventure, a trail ride in Zuma Canyon with Malibu Riders, complete with hilariously hungry horses who would've much preferred snacking on the copious wildflowers lining the trail to carrying our crew up the canyon.

Upon returning to life in NYC, I found myself looking back at the photos we'd taken of nature and our funny family memories together. I talked to our team about the colors that filled this trip and the textural patterns that fascinated me.

These team chats started to shift into team design meetings and before we knew it we were working on new weave structures and color palettes that brought us all back to memories we have from being with ones we love and slowing down in nature. It all evolved into a process that I like to think of as "slowing down in design."

So without further ado, I am happy to share the Point Lobos Collection with you, an offering of handmade rugs that are enveloped in warmth and were derived from a slow and thoughtful reflection of nature and our happiness in it.


p.s. Becoming a park ranger has now become my next career goal!

Cypress Grove, shown in Midnight Navy

Dive into the silky striped mohair of Cypress Grove, taking its name from the Cypress Grove Trail that winds through Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and home to one of the two naturally-remaining stands of Monterey Cypress trees on Earth. Available in four luxurious colors (clockwise from top left): Cumin, Martini Olive, Cheetah, and Midnight Navy, as well as custom color configurations.

Granite Point, shown (from left) in Auburn, Tannin, Cumin, Olive, Angora

Step into the pebble-like texture of Granite Point, a headland viewpoint across the rocky coastline into Carmel Bay. Available in five sunset-rich colorways: Auburn, Tannin, Cumin, Olive, and Angora, as well as custom colors.

Granite Point, shown in Cumin, Olive, Auburn

Hidden Beach, shown (from left) in Mallard, Raw Umber, Putty, Snail

Go hunting for shells and sea creatures at Hidden Beach, a tucked away and tiny beach nestled between its surrounding coves. Our mohair loops take a page from the shell-strewn sand that greets you as you descend into the beach. Available in five coastal colors: Mallard, Raw Umber, Putty, Snail, and Basalt Rock, as well as custom colors.

Hidden Beach, shown in Basalt Rock

Moss Cove, shown (clockwise from top left) in Pink Shell, Auburn, and Alfalfa

Moss Cove, takes its textural cues from the velvet-like hand of the natural ocean moss found abundantly in the aptly-named Moss Cove. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore the cove, you never know when you might spot a sea otter! Available in six lush colors: Pink Shell, Auburn, Alfalfa, Mist, Cream, and Starfish, as well as custom colors.

Moss Cove shown (clockwise from bottom left) in Pink Shell, Starfish, Mist, Alfalfa, Auburn

Sea Lion Point, shown (clockwise from top left) in Catawba Grape, Monk's Robe, Lichen, and Blueberry

Sea Lion Point, the most plush rug of the collection, uses luxurious mohair in a dense cut-pile to mimic the coat of the beautiful harbor seals that can be glimpsed from this vantage point in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Available in four lush colors: Lichen, Monk's Robe, Blueberry, and Catawba Grape, as well as custom colors.

Whaler's Cove, shown (from left) in Amethyst, Wheat, Capers

Whaler's Cove, nods to the fishing knots and nets of history of this 19th century whaling cove. From atop nearby Whaler's Knoll, a lookout would raise a flag to signal the whaling crews into action in the cove below. These days, instead of embarking upon nautical adventures, you can stroll among the wildlife of the trail and catch scenic views. Available in five nature-inspired colors: Poppy, Capers, Amethyst, Midnight Navy, and Wheat, as well as custom colors.

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