Introducing Walter G's Virtuoso Collection

The lovely ladies at Walter G Textiles have recently released a new collection of fabrics, and let me just say that all of us here at Temple Studio are textile crushing, HARD!

I, for one, am a total sucker for any small repeat pattern that blends seamlessly into your room as a texture. To me, these little textile gems are the hidden showstoppers of any interior design scheme. They don't need to shout "hey, look at me" but instead they sit patiently and wait for the moment when your scheme says "yes, YOU complete me!"

Happy summer scheming fellow textile devotees!



This palette is quite earthy and somewhat of a departure from your other fabric colors which I think of as more air and water tones. What was your process like for choosing these colors for your new fabrics?

We love experimenting with new palettes on our annual sampling trips to India and sought to fill a few color gaps in our existing fabric line. By playing with some of the warmer tones that we gravitate to in artwork, our wardrobes and the trinkets we’ve collected, we developed the Virtuoso range.

The Marbella fabric in Eucalypt (above) is different from the other Marbella fabrics, more similar to the wallpaper pattern. How did you choose this representation of Marbella for the new fabric?

Whilst developing the Marbella wallpaper, we played around with different blocks in the design and stumbled upon this version, which does not include the outline block. We love the painterly effect of this version and felt that it would be a nice offering to extend to our fabric line.

How do you envision these different fabrics being used?

This line of fabrics ranges from the subtlety of the Lagos Elm design to the wild colors of Marbella Eucalypt and could really be used in any space. The application of our textiles by the incredibly creative interior designers who use our textiles is a constant inspiration and we cannot wait to see where these fabrics find a home!

Gen's bedroom curtains were made using Lagos Elm, one of her favorites from the new collection! The armchair is upholstered in Sanganer Sahara. Photo credit: @johnpaulurizar

Do you have a favorite from Virtuoso?

Gen: Lagos Elm - Whilst I adore color, I instantly fell in love with the breezy look of the Lagos Elm fabric. Before we’d even released the fabric, I had it made into curtains in one of my bedrooms at home because I just couldn't stop thinking about it! It really brings a sense of quiet luxury to the room - which I love.

Lauren: Marbella Eucalypt - There is something just so lust worthy about this fabric. Nothing in our line can replace it. If you stumbled upon a swatch of it, you’d just have to have it!

Lizzie: Hera Amaro is my pick - the warm tones sit beautifully together and the motif adds some personality to the collection.

Virtuoso Collection fabric shown stacked from top to bottom:
Bombay Moss, Lagos Sahara, Sanganer Sahara

What is your design process like when you're thinking about doing something new?

Usually, we look through our samples and pull together a group of our favorites. If the consensus is that we love a particular fabric and want to find a place for it in our own homes, it usually finds a home in our line.

Virtuoso Collection Lagos fabric shown in Elm and Sahara

At what point do you think about scale and how do you determine the ways that you want to scale your design?

Our first consideration when designing is always the constraints imposed by our block printing process - our blocks are typically no more than 8” x 8". Keeping this in mind, we hand paint and draw our prints. We tend to experiment with scale in three or so variations. From here, we decide the best scale to suit the print and give the overall collection depth and dimension.

Thank you Gen, Lauren, and Lizzie!

The Temple team was feeling inspired by the new Virtuoso Collection and put together five schemes featuring their new fabrics. From stripes to solids and everything in between, we love how they play off of our other fabric, wallpaper and rug offerings.


featuring Marbella Linen in Eucalpyt and Hera Linen in Amaro

1. Hera Amaro
2. Marbello Eucalypt
3. Seto Jungle

4. Sumba Umber

5. Olbia Stripe Terracotta

featuring Lagos Linen in Sahara

1. Lagos Linen Sahara
2. Anushka Deep Blue
3. Najwa Reverse Tabac
4. Beatrice Avocado

5. Wild Ramps Blue & Taupe

6. Dolma Sesame

featuring Lagos Linen in Elm

1. Lagos Linen Elm
2. Path Navy
3. Compass Evergreen

4. Matilija Seacliff

5. Squiggle Border Seaweed

featuring Bombay Linen in Moss and Salerno Linen in Amaro

1. Bombay Linen Moss
2. Salerno Amaro
3. Silky Linen Moss Green
4. Floral Trail Caramel
5. Arcana Conch

6. Townhouse Champagne

7. Knobby Stripe Green

featuring Sanganer Linen in Sahara

1. Sanganer Sahara
2. Ollie Plume
3. Moire Stripe Blue Porcelain
4. Terra Espresso

5. Bantam Cedar

6. Vellum Stripe Painted Desert


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