Natasha Baradaran: Cactus Leather

I love my printed linens and woven textures, but I am dropping this little note in your inbox today because I want to introduce you to my newest textile friend... Cactus Leather. Natasha Baradaran has just released LIVWELL, a new collection of Cactus Leather textiles that is blowing my mind. These leather look-alikes are not only gorgeous, but they are fully organic and made at an environmentally-conscious ranch in Central Mexico. They are free of toxic chemicals, biodegradable, and they still have the soft yet sturdy hand that we often look for in performance applications. So much to love about LIVWELL!



Natasha's Canvas Leather Fabric —  A textural alternative to a solid, that complements without taking a backseat. Natasha calls it the “under-painting” for a room.


Ophelia Cactus Leather Fabric —  Geometry in nature. Celebrating the circle of life.


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