Outbounds with Brook Perdigon

Summer is around the corner and daydreams of sailing, camping, and carefree warm weather excursions will soon become a reality. Brook Perdigon Textiles has just launched OUTBOUNDS, a collection of performance wovens that has won our hearts. Take a peek below at the gorgeous designs and how they came to be.



Toile de Terrain Outdoor Fabric in Ocean

Tell us what made you want to create the collection?

After years of working in hand screen and digital production, I wanted to try a new medium of manufacturing. Some dear friends of mine just purchased a mill in downtown Los Angeles and the ability to work with them closely just minutes from my studio was quite appealing.


What is it about California that you find so inspiring and magical—what does the California coast remind you of? And the forests in Big Sur? Highway 1?

The landscape of California is pure magic. You have mountains, redwood forests, ocean, and desert all within a days drive. I first came to the CA coast with my mother and sister when I was 19. We drove the stretch of Highway 1 from Monterey to Big Sur. It was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean and it blew me away. Compared to the Gulf Coast of FL where I grew up, the Pacific Ocean is so powerful: it is dark, deep, moody. It churns, ebbs, flows and crashes and with all of that it represents the unknown. The cliffs of California truly make me feel like I am on the edge of the continent. 


Roma Outdoor Fabric in Charcoal

How did you want those feelings to come through in the designs—is it in colors? In the textures? In the reworked patterns?

The palette for this collection echoes the palette of the CA landscape. So many outdoor fabrics channel the Slim Aaron's vibe and I wanted this collection to have a more natural feel. The designs we chose to produce are mainstays of our print line. We reinvented them as textured wovens in a new palette that will truly bring the outdoors in. California homes are filled with light and windows and open air—I wanted to create patterns that could flow easily from indoor rooms to outdoor rooms.


Framework Outdoor Fabric, in (from left to right) Citrine, Dune, and Slate

What was important to you when designing this collection—is it for the designs to feel like an escape? That they're wovens and feel like real wovens? That it's locally made in California?

I wanted to create a line that could both be strong and unique in its design elements but also blend into a home environment whether it be indoor or out. Creating Novelty prints is fun but it often limits one's customer base—I want this line to be for customers who want a little BPT in their homes but don't want too bold of a design element. I want the designs to be a backdrop for the life lived around them.


What was a feeling or idea you kept returning to while working on this collection?

Peace and Ease— it was nice to create a line that is not as novelty as some of my printed fabrics. The woven development process is a lot less arduous than the print process and that was a relief.

What do you hope designers take away with them from this collection—is it them finding a little bit of magic that inspires their own designs? how do you hope they connect with the collection? and how do you hope they use the designs?

I hope designers feel that they can easily use these prints.



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